In January, l943 I was adopted at the age of 22 months.  The events leading to my adoption were tragic.  However, my adoptive parents remained faithful to my birth father's mother in taking me to see her.  

Forever etched in my memory is my Grandmother's lush back yard.  Elegant trees dwarfed her tiny rustic cottage.  Red, pink, and yellow hollyhocks danced along a rustic fence that bordered the quaint landscape.  Amid a gay variety of greenery,  bleeding hearts graced the grey-slated sidewalk.  Their lovely lockets of lavendar pink dazzled me, however, I was yet to discover that each blossom held a sense of magic! 

One day, while I was playing in her flower garden, my Grandmother plucked a tiny heart from the vine.  Dividing it into three parts, she explained:  "Here's a pair of earrings, these two are sandals, and look, we have a pair of bunnies!"  I was enthralled!   Little had I realized, however, that my childhood enchantment would soon be but a memory. 

It was a beautiful summer day the last time we went to visit my Grandmother.  As we pulled into the alley and neared her house, my excitement grew.  But my eagerness was shortlived when we realized the grass had grown tall and the window blinds were pulled.  My Grandmother no longer lived there.   It was then my own heart bled.

Twenty-five years would pass before I'd discovered that my Grandmother had abruptly moved to Illinois to live with her son, my natural Uncle.  Memories of my Grandmother and her sudden departure left a life-long vacancy in my heart.  

Perhaps, you too, have some memory which has left a deep hole in your heart.  Yet you have discovered, as I have, that closure is an elusive thing.  

While in my thirties, I heard for the first time, that Jesus could live in my heart.  Having invited Him in,  I have discovered that only He can fill up that hollow place.   He can do the same for you.   Jesus promises, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."  Though mankind may fail us Jesus never will. 
My name is Kay and I live in the heart of Pennsylvania.  In l984 my husband died with leukemia.   I was faced with one of two choices:  Either to become bitter, OR, to become better.  I chose the latter.  Having  fully surrendered my life to Christ, it has been my desire to capitalize on my singleness and allow Jesus to use my life to give glory to Him.  So I commit this web site to Him and give Him the glory, honor and praise for whatever He accomplishes through the grief experiences He has allowed in my life.   
Spring - 2002
Me on right with my adoptive parents and natural sister - l948
Spring - 2007

Bleeding Heart
Hope for Hurting Hearts
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Bleeding Heart
Hope for Hurting Hearts